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Pam McCutcheon

Amazing massage therapist

I finally did it. I injured myself-running, golfing, thinking I am much younger than my body says I am.  In Bozeman, you just aren't allowed to get old.  There are 70 plus year olds running the ridge-what the heck happened to sitting on the front porch reading the paper and sipping on a glass of wine??? Actually it is so inspiring that we have such an active community.  Healthy foods, biking, hiking trails everywhere along with yoga studio's, and several good gyms-so there is no excuse not to be in shape-unless you are injured.  Last time I was injured was 16 years ago-a ski accident, hence I don't have a huge love for skiing but I live in Bozeman so ... I attempt.  Now it's my I T Band. Do I feel old! Can't run, hike, golf, tennis etc.  There is good in this story.  My sister referred me to this place at 1005 Durston.  It's called Life Giving Health Center-my sister gave me the names of three therapists-all were book so I tried this woman named Zuzana Drobnik-she's very strong(rock climber, ultra runner) it wasn't a nice little fluff massage-she worked my I T band and explained how things worked and what was attached to what. The price was so great I couldn't believe it.  So the next time I booked 1.5 hours for $55.00-already after two massages and taking her advice (laying off the running) I am already 80% better-can't wait to go back.

The prices make sence; it's affordable so I can go once a week.  It's not just a luxuary, it's really to continue good health along with healthy eating exercise etc. Oh yes, stress-it helps get rid of that, even though we don't have much stress living in the last best place!

Last night at a Chi running clinic I was talking to another woman that goes to this Life Giving Health Center-she also had a fantastic experience. That's all for now-I've got to walk around my office a bit  too much sitting.  Look for my blog tomorrow more exciting stuff to talk about like Zen windows and Wholistic running.

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