Animal Shelters in Montana

Dog Shelters in Montana are a real issue for me. I live in Bozeman which has an amazing animal shelter and has many great people running it  and giving $.  Of course they could always use more $ and volunteers but at least the animals have a beautiful good place to live until they find their real forever home. I just heard that the Lewistown shelter just closed.  What happens to all of those wonderful dogs and cats-more than likely death.  Not a good idea for birth control.  The shelter that is so dear to my heart is in Dillon Montana-yes,home to the famed Padagonia outlet store.  Two to three dogs per kennel-no money and one person trying to do everything.  So,when I have a closing,I buy Costco dog and cat food and friends drive it to Dillon-it's a great excuse to shop. That's really a drop in the bucket-this shelter has vet bills,very little food and no room-they are in jail just for being born-Please check out the Beaverhead shelter in Dillon Montana-adopt a dog or cat-maybe two-send more,give of your time if you have it and tell a friend.  People are dumping their pets because they cannot afford to feed them or pay their vet bills. Don't look the other way-this is something that you can do to help.