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  • Another reason your house isn't selling.

    You are battling market conditions and alot of competition right now. Forget about what you paid or what your home or property was worth in 2006, 2007.  It's over, at least for a while. There are alot of external forces that are out of your control.  Right now the ecomomy has many buyers sitting a little uneasy.  Buyers want to know if the market will go down, are they buying at the bottom.  Is this the best value in the market-there is alot to choose from. So, when it comes to pricing your home, let your real estate agent get the facts to you.  Add a coat of fresh paint, window boxes, clean your carpet, declutter and price it at or just below the market.  That is... if you want to sell.  Also, make sure you have an experienced Realtor that has a marketing plan for your home. For more information give me a call at 406-220-2013.

  • Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Selling!

    Many sellers think it's a tough time to sell but it really is a great time to sell right now if you take some of these tips into consideration.

    Price is usually the big issue here.  It's pretty much a fact that buyers determine the market of your home not you the seller. You (the seller) can ask the moon, stars and the sun on your listing price but at some point its up to you to accept what the buyer thinks your home is worth.  Its called market value. Overpricing is the #1 reason why homes don't sell.  Even if you are only off by 5%  you have missed the market and maybe that one buyer.

    Remember interest rates are low and there is a good amount of inventory on the market right now.

    Call me for more information 406-220-2013 or wait for my next reason why your home isn't selling!

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