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Pam McCutcheon

Get to know MT

This region is heaven on Earth. But, shhh, don’t tell anybody!

From the Great Plains in the east, to the Rocky Mountains in the central and west part of the state, Montana is brimming with wide-open spaces under a big sky. It is a big state, with xxx square miles (the fourth-largest state) inhabited by just over 1 million people. The U.S. Census Bureau has estimated that the state population is growing at just under 1 percent annually. Only Wyoming and Alaska have fewer people per square mile.

The Bozeman-Livingston area is characterized by its snow-capped peaks, wide valleys and easy access to the backcountry (much of it protected by National Forest and wilderness areas), ski areas and blue-ribbon fly-fishing.

At least 80 percent of Montanans participate in outdoor recreation, according to a July 2017 Outdoor Industry Association report. In fact, outdoor rec spending (by locals and tourists) exceeds that of the more traditional economic driver -- agricultural. And the high-tech sector is growing fast.

To get a little of the flavor of life in these parts, bone up on the Code of the West, CodeOfWest.pdf a document designed to inform newcomers of what it takes to live off the beaten path. Here's a sample:

     "It is important to know the realities of living in rural Montana. It is also important to know that life in the country can be far different from life in the city. You need to be prepared.

     "As you consider a new place to call home, examine the community and its people. County and small town governments are often unable to provide the same level of service that large city governments provide. You should think about transportation, communication, education, healthcare, employment and public services that are essential to our modern way of life. To that end, we are providing you with the following information to help you make an educated and informed decision before you purchase property or build a home."

In addition, remember that the outdoors needs protecting. Check out the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics for tips on enjoying the area responsibly.

And remember, many of the most pristine areas are also home to grizzly bears. Bears don’t like surprises. It’s important to carry bear spray with you and obey food-storage regulations. If you are going hiking, camping, hunting or fishing in bear country, take a look at the Custer-Gallatin National Forest’s tips for staying safe.

For detailed information about Bozeman and Livingston, click on the links below. 

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