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  • Holiday Stress

    They are almost here,the holidays. Hanukkah begins Saturday the 8th at 6:30 with the lighting of a huge menorah in downtown Bozeman-followed by a Christmas party-Hanukkah celebration on Sunday and Tuesday along with all the regular networking commitments that are already in place. So,you have everyday life with kids basketball,school and friends and then everyone wants to get together in 24 days. Not that we get invited to so many parties,but our association,title companies,lenders,business associates, all have something. So how do you fit it all in and still do business and yes,buy gifts for the people that really don't need a thing in life. But,it's the holiday's,which is a good chance to buy unnecessary things for many extra folks.Stocking up on wine and stopping to pick up flowers on the way to a party is more money and time.You don't and can't do it all!! Do what you can.

    Many folks really stress out this time of year-do I?? Not so much. I stress out if business slows down at all(knowing that it does every year this time of year). This is the time of year that I try to visit nursing homes with my dogs to bring holiday cheer-not candy or gifts but time. This time of year I bring dog food to the food bank so people don't have to give up their pets because they can't afford to feed them.This time of year,I really try to be patient and reflect on how to do things better and treat people better.

    As for the parties and events-well,I just can't go to all of them. I will go to some of them. I won't stress about missing any of them-It's more important for me to take a nice little dog walk with friends or alone and de-stress. 

    It's that time of you to relax a bit more and get ready for the next year. Unwind so you can do it all over again next year!

    Have a great holiday season. Take time for yourself,your family and your pets.

  • Holiday Stress

    Tis the season... holiday parties,gifts,cards and work.  We are suppossed to be enjoying all of the cheer of the season-I love it!  Not everyone does so if you are one of those people who get overwhelmed with everything-here are a few useful tips.

    #1Stay healthy. We are so busy with parties,gifts,clients etc that we forget the most important part-our bodies. Make sure you stay on schedule as much as you can.  Get plenty of sleep,keep to your excercise program-if you don't have one,Start Now!!! It's cold here but that doesn't stop most of us-dress for it and embrace it!! There is much food everywhere along with the best cookies ever-moderation!!! Enjoy but repent the next day.

    #2Try to avoid being caught up in a hurricane of anxiety-approach the next 5-6 weeks by being practical and positive.

    #3Simplify,prioritize and find balance. Make sure you identify the most important activities for you and your family. If holiday shopping causes you stress-check out my other website at www.sendoutcards/136169. You can send all your cards,gift cards,gifts with a few clicks of a button-This produce has saved me tons of time and $.  I am also able to make a personal card for someone-Sendoutcards does all of the mailings too!  No more lines at the post office and over paying for cards.

    #4Don't lose yourself! In many parts of the world,holiday means vacation.  The holidays really are like a vacation-a vacation from the same day in and day out stuff.

    #5 The real meaning of the season. Let's all look past the decadent meals,treats and gifts.  What is the real significance of this time of year for you and your family. What are the holidays about for you.  Is it quality time with family,friends,helping those in need or counting your blessings.  Whatever it is to you just remember it's really alot more than just tinsel,toffee etc.  Maintain a bit of perpective and enjoy this upcomming season.

    #6Just enjoy!

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