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Pam McCutcheon

Montana Bull!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Bozeman Montana. The weather was a sunny 74 plus outside,but I was in con't education all afternoon and missed a good bit of sunshine. No worries,I got out of class and called a dog friend and we went for our usual walk about 3 miles and just soaked it all in. The forecast was for rain the rest of the week. For once they were right. Pouring outside when I woke up but I refuse to miss my walk. The two labs were up for it but my little dog Piper was not so happy. Out we went on my usual road. It's fenced and usually around the end of June they put cows in there and a few bulls-so when that happends I walk some where else. So,it was wet and a little cool but I put in my little I-pod and was just jogging up the hill. I turned around and started back on my first lap-I like to do two laps,creature of habit! I saw my big dog Blue walking up the hill with someone(I have really bad eyes) I usually run in to several different dog neighbors. So,I'm waiving,not sure at who and got a bit closer and realized it was a big bull! Yikes! After all I had a red coat and hat on. I'm from the city(even though I have been here 24 years) I freaked-I yelled at the beast that was coming towards me,threw up my arms-it went past me but kept watching me. My little dog ran to my side not know what the heck it was. I called my husband -he said cross over a fence fast-well the fence was 1/4 mile away. Needless to say,I made it to safety along with my three dogs!

Looking back,maybe it was some kind of male cow that some how just crossed the fence. Who knows? But really only in Montana and that's no bull!!! 

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