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Pam McCutcheon

Nothing to do with Real estate. The Ridge Run

In addition to being a real estate agent,I am also the co-owner of Montana Auction group.  My husband is an auctioneer.  The best in the state by far.  He interacts with the bidders and it's really alot of fun.  Sometimes I get to MC which is a blast,but last Sat. night we did the auction at the Museum of the Rockies and I was a spotter(ring man).

The MOR(museum of the rockies) had some fantastic items on the live auction.  One was the "Ridge Run" if you don't know what that is either you are not from Bozeman or are not a runner.  It's 20 miles of what I view to be Hell!!! I always wondered who were these people that year after year did this crazy run.  I've heard the stories,about losing your toe nails,blisters,sun burnt,knees are shot etc.  and the training is nuts!

Only 267 people get to qualify for the run-essays are due in March and it's kind of like the Boston marathon kind of thing.

Well,there was a waiver for the run auctioned off-you get PT,massage,personal training from the Ridge and even new running shoes from Bozeman running company-a value of $700 bucks! We had 2 bidders-hard core runners-Now,I do run,but for the past 6 months I have had IT Band problems so my running is more of a jog-The bidding was at $600 and to get bids higher,my husband stops and asks if I'm in-I said"sure if you are buying" well,I was in,which was ok for about 30 seconds when I realized the other bidders thought let Pam have it. I had the winning bid!  300 people were cheeering,I was screaming-"what,no way can I run the Ridge!" I couldn't sleep that night-I kept thinking,what have I done.  Then I thought."Yes,I can do it!"  Yes,I am going to do it!" No,I don't plan to win it! Why not? It's now a goal.  I have always told my children you can do anything you put your mind to,now I must put my words into action.

Sometimes in life you have to go for it.  Could be your job,buying a new home or an adventure.  Many new exciting things coming this way for Pam McCutcheon.

Stay posted.

My training with begin April 2,2012.  The run is Aug 12.  I would welcome any training help!

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1. Emine wrote:
Honestly I believe that the hnsrasrmeat claim was BS. What I can understand is that she feared for her safety because Martin, who obviously had feeling for her (like it commonly happens between people who together ) was mentally understable at the time and carried guns with him.

Sun, September 2, 2012 @ 5:14 AM

2. Indira wrote:
I'm a former stnduet from 08-10 of the girls side.It's soo good to look back at what the program has to offer. I am greatful for all west ridge did to help me!I hope the kids there take advantage of EVERYTHING! the skills you learn there are lifelong & very helpful, believe it or not!

Sun, September 2, 2012 @ 7:30 AM

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