Small Dog Open House

If you have been watching the weather or if you live in Bozeman than you know yesterday was a perfect day to have an outside open house. It was 75,sunny-zero wind. 

I had over 50 wonderful,clients,friends,neighbors,their children and yes,even their pets, attend my launch of my new Small Dog Realty . Many brought dog and cat food along with wine. I am so happy to spread the word about the local shelters that need our support.

Most of the food will go to the Dillon shelter this time. Susie(the woman in charge) has so many animals and almost no money-so I feel really happy to have helped feed the dogs and cats for another month.

I got a call the other day from a woman in Frenchtown Montana-she has a Basset rescue-again,no $. She has saved animals from abuse and starvation. Some of the food will also go to her. So,if you love basset Hounds,then maybe you can also help out. If not sending $-get the word out-We want and need good homes for these hounds too.

Every little bit helps out.

I am so happy that so many came out to my home to be part of the cause.

Please do what you can!