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Like my life is busy enough with PT,and training for the big Ridge Run from hell.  I did some real soul searching (talk radio in my car). I love selling houses, meeting people, connecting new people with friends,clients,restaurants,hiking trails and of course dog trails and parks. I've always had a love of dogs and I came up with an idea:  it's Small Dog Realty" and with every sale I donate 5% of my net commissions to local animal shelters. That's the small part I can do to give back to my community and I'm hoping others will follow their passion. I get so much more out of things knowing that I am helping.

I will be a sponser of both the Dog Ball in Bozeman and the Fur Ball in Livingston-Yesterday I did a Costco run for dog, cat and puppy food for the Dillon Shelter.  I found someone going that direction that is more than happy to drop off food.  Why Costco? Because that is what they use. Even if we feed the animals just for a few weeks with that it helps.

So ,the new name... Two reasons:  #1. I have always had big labs-I think about 13 in total-never really considered a small dog-why would I... Well we adopted my stepdaughters' small dog (she is in school and couldn't have her) I love her!! Not only can she compete with the big dogs,she can do more-just trying to prove herself I guess. And she is so very cute!!! My attitude about small dogs has changed!

Reason #2.  I have had several people call me and tell me they tried selling or buying their home from one of these big dog companies and didn't like the experience.  I'm not competing with the big dog companies just as (for example)Bozeman Running Company isn't competing with a national shoe company. I  buy my shoes at the BRC because of the personal service I get and to help support a wonderful small business in my community.

Even if you don't need to buy or sell, maybe you can also give back to your community!

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1. Pam wrote:
Thanks Rob! A big dog when things need to get done-still a small figuring out my blogs!

Tue, April 10, 2012 @ 5:29 PM

2. Dorvien wrote:
My dog has HIS tobyoxMy Baby has HER tobyoxToys are kept separate.Baby is only allowed to play with her toys.. if she has a dog toy, I remove it from her and give her one of HER toysDog is only allowed to play with his toys.. if he has a baby toy, I remove it and give him one of HIS toys.Eventually the toys will have their individual scent and your dog should be able to recognize which are his and which belong to the baby.Baby toys are also put away when she's done playing.. they are not left laying anywhere. Most of her toys are kept in the living room, which is baby gated off- the dog has limited access to that room.The best solution is to just supervise, and make sure that baby toys are put away when the baby is not playing with them. Your child can learn at a young age to keep her toys picked up, or they may become chewed up.

Sat, September 1, 2012 @ 2:59 PM

3. Melanie wrote:
Well one thing most rescues check is your vet and the hisroty you have with them, do you have a primary vet that has seen both pets at least once a year since you got them/moved to the area? Have you been giving heartworm/flea prevention on schedule and have you gotten all the needed vaccines?If the answers are yes then I think you have a great chance, though you should make sure to ask the shelter staff if they cat test the dogs and if they do then ask them to show you only the cat friendly dogs, then once you have narrowed it down to a short list make sure your dog has a chance to meet and give his opinion of his new friend Was this answer helpful?

Sun, September 2, 2012 @ 8:03 AM

4. Kichy wrote:
What a no-brainer. And here I was causing usasceennry stress to myself and my dog by trying to squirt the fluid into her ear. Thank you for this common sense approach.

Sun, September 2, 2012 @ 9:25 AM

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