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Pam McCutcheon

The Ridge Run Is Over!

After many months of dreading the 20 mile Bridger Ridge Run-it is over. Those that run it more than once were shocked when they asked if I had fun. "Fun??? What part was fun?" Maybe the stress of not making the cut off in time and being sent home as a non-finisher-If that were the case I think I would have had to move out of the country. I made the cut off with a 1/2 hour to spare-then I slacked off a bit. Pretty sad when the woman ahead of me who was 13 years older just smoked me.Not sure if the"fun" part was hiking in the Bridger mountains alone for 90% of the time. Getting lost twice,or limping down the mountain with a left knee that wouldn't bend. I knew it was bad when I was thinking if only a mountain lion or bear attacked me then I wouldn't have to finish. No such luck.I just kept thinking of all the words of wisdom people had given me-Like my daughter,just keep running mom-easy for her to say. When I got lost the words of my friend Dee came to me-look up,follow the ridge line.

Did I mention that I am really afraid of heights? I am,so when the support staff walked by me they said,"don't look up"I sure didn't.I was watching my feet the entire way.  I only slipped twice-nothing broken,so that was good.

For months I would dog walk in the morning and on my way back I would look at what I had to do-I kept thinking let me get to the M and it will be a piece of cake-Would you believe that I missed the trail I wanted to take and was on the steep trail-I saw another support staff member,Margaret(who walked down the mountain like a mountain goat or something"I asked her where is the top of the M-she informed me I passed it-I said I didn't want this trail-too late-I followed her down and chatted-I just needed a human-8 hours and 27 minutes is too long for me to be alone without talking to someone.

So this morning as I did my dog walk facing the Bridger mountains-I just smiled and thought yeah,I did it! You didn't get the best of me with your steep peaks and rocky terrain.

So,what did I really think of the ridge run after a few days-It was hell! A hell that I will always remember but am so happy I did it! Now I can say"I am a ridge runner".

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1. gail Hutchinson wrote:
Soooooooo proud of you Pam. A real ridge runner indeed.

Tue, August 14, 2012 @ 4:50 PM

2. Rhonda Loft wrote:
So well written Pam; I could feel it like I was there (ha-like that would ever happen!) and you made me laugh out loud! I am so proud of you.

Wed, August 15, 2012 @ 7:47 AM

3. Jon Ellen Snyder wrote:
Amazing Pam!!! I started to hike the trail last year and got very lost... After so many up/downs and more wrong turns too numerous to count, sitting quite a ways down from the top/back of the Bridger Ski hill I debated paying whatever it took to get a chopper to pick me off the mountain. In the end, I was too cheap so I limped down the hill and my leg wasn't the same for a year. You're a ROCK STAR!!! Congratulations!

Fri, August 17, 2012 @ 5:11 PM

4. George wrote:
Kaitlin,Thank you for such a quick reply I found the CFJ skills and dllris that was posted on the site thank you. Now, my question is this: for the warm up are we to do all of them? or just the 1/2 mile jog or the 3 dllris. Also, how do I know the appropriate # of repeats? is it listed for the distance. Sadly, I just finished school and cannot afford a Personal Trainer just yet though I am saving to do so I would just like to get started first : ) again thank you so much!

Sun, September 2, 2012 @ 12:09 AM

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