What a week

It's finally Friday afternoon and I'm just trying to get caught up. It's almost Miller time-well,not tonight-It's Oktoberfest! That means a tough 5 mile run up two nasty Bozeman hills-then it's Miller time-or micro brew time. Pub 317 and Bozeman Running Company put this event on-I have never taken part but this year,why not,right?Except it's Friday night and I'm tired,but I'm in!

Last Saturday seemed like a month ago but it was a fun little run by the 360 Pet Medical vet Clinic. The

 Doggie Dash,a fund raiser for Heart of the valley and the Stafford Animal Shelter-a fun and easy one mile jog with your pups-then all kinds of games and contests. What a great event.

But it's been a crazy week. I just listed a wonderful place on 2.7 acres around Gallatin Gateway(on your way to big Sky)Really beautiful home-already have had a showing! My amazing listing on Durston(historic log home on acerage in the center of town)gets about 5 calls a day-mostly folks who have always dreamed of owning that home and doing a bed and breakfast or outfitting business but many are not able to quality for a loan-I have a few good leads on that one.

I got a home under contract and another home(short sale)fell apart. 

It's like juggling  balls or something.

I'm glad that the phone is ringing,that there are buyers and in a few hours I'll be finished with my run!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Inspections that are a mess,appraisals coming in short,clients not able to qualify bla bla bla.