Tips To Help You Make Your Montana Move A Pet-Friendly Relocation

Pet friendly

If you’re thinking about moving to Big Sky Country, welcome. You’ll find our little slice of paradise is full of friendly folks and, importantly when you’re bringing a pet with you, lots of open spaces. Before you head this way, here are a few tips to help you make your move smooth when transporting paws and claws.

Find a pet-friendly realtor.

We might be biased, but we think pet people deserve a realtor that understands their unique needs. If you’re ready to live the Montana dream, our team is here to help. Small Dog Realty is full of talented agents/pet owners that can walk you through the process without putting strain and stress on your furry BFF.

Buy a few canine or kitty comfort items.

Your pet deserves a little something extra when dealing with the stress of a move. This might be a calming CBD supplement, a new harness that you’ll take on all those walks together, or a playpen to keep them safe and sound when the movers are on-site. Whatever you choose to buy, spend the time looking at product reviews from veterinarians and other animal experts so that you can be confident in your purchasing decision.

Keep your (and your pet’s) anxiety in check.

Hopefully, your comfort items will help, but you have to pay attention to more than just the things around them. Human stress, especially when you’re drained from working long hours, has a negative impact on your animals. If you notice that your pet is acting differently, pay attention to your actions and activities to see if you might be the source.

Visit early, and visit often.

If possible, make a few trips to your new home/hometown before you make your move official. This way, Benji can get acquainted with the sights and smells and the area won’t feel quite as alien upon permanent arrival.

Update your pet's ID.

You never know when someone’s going to run off to investigate that far-off sound or scent. Pets get lost every day, but having their tags and microchip up to date is your best bet at getting them back safe and sound. The American Veterinary Medicine Association explains that one of the first things an animal shelter will do upon intake is to scan to see if the animal is microchipped. Those that are are twice as likely to be returned home.

Get to know the local laws.

Each state has specific laws regarding everything from domestic animal control to spaying and neutering requirements. In Montana, these are found under Chapter 23 of the Montana Code Annotated. Make sure that you are familiar with these so that there is no question about your pet’s legality in their new hometown.

Scout ahead.

Your pet needs services just as you do. While you are looking at new schools and doctors offices for your human family, make sure that you have a new veterinarian, pet supply store, and other pet-centric services on speed dial. You’ll also want to spend time looking around for off-leash areas where your pet can play.

Prepare for the open road.

Whether you are driving or flying, talk to your veterinarian about ways to prepare your animal for a trip, especially before moving from out of state. If you’re driving you’ll, at minimum, make sure that you have their food and water, a leash, crate, and toys handy. Look for signs of vehicle anxiety or motion sickness, which might include panting, shivering, or excessive salivation; your veterinarian may be able to give you a mild sedative to make the ride more bearable.

When the time is right to move, don’t forget to place priority on your pet companions. From contacting an animal-advocating realtor to reading product reviews to keeping your own stress in check, the tips above can help you move your family (furry friends included) to Montana, where you’ll enjoy all our beautiful state has to offer.