Ashley Kayser


As an early transplant from California in 1977, I was raised in SW Montana. I loved growing up here, and the ideals and values that derived from it were items that my husband and I cherished and taught our children to appreciate as well. Being able to enjoy the freedom of being raised in a community where kids could ride their bikes all day long, fish along the banks of the river until dusk and establish life-long friendships as we had when growing up is truly irreplaceable.

I became a Realtor in 1997 and received my Brokers license in 2008. This career path came naturally, as being able to help solve a client’s problem, simple or complex, was always my forte. My years of experience in the property management arena also provides me first-hand, in-depth knowledge and insight on homes that my clients regularly seek me out to obtain. In addition, my resources for maintenance and repair folks also lends itself to quite a list.

I look forward to assisting you in your search for the home that will suit all your needs. 10% of my commission in the sale or purchase of a home will be donated to RezQ Dogs. For more information about this fabulous organization go to